OSWANZ Zoom Webinar - Grief literacy: from diagnosis to death

As social workers, our ability to engage with grief and mortality appears to be something we learn on the job. Although exposure to other people’s grief and sense of mortality is a daily occurrence within oncology and palliative care social work practice, working with grief and loss is seldom part of social work undergraduate training programs. In this webinar we will explore the significance of a health professional’s ability to validate, evoke and retain the knowledge people acquire though enduring grief and maintaining connections to what is lost to them. It will also provide an opportunity to consider the value and importance of being a student of grief, through observation and reflection, as a primary intervention in social work practice, and an alternative to managing, resolving or fixing grief in clinical encounters.

Nicholas Hobbs

Nick’s current professional role is with the Tasmanian Health Voluntary Assisted Dying Navigation Service. Prior to this Nick held roles as a social worker with the Grief and Loss Counselling Service at the Royal Hobart Hospital and Tasmanian Coroner’s Office. Nick has also held social work roles in the Renal, Oncology and Palliative Care Units at the Royal Hobart Hospital and COVID-19 Hotel Quarantine. Nick is a past President of Oncology Social Work Australia New Zealand and is the current Treasurer.

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Thursday 9TH February 2023
This webinar will run for 1 hour.
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